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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Trader Joe's NYC Debut

Just for kicks this past weekend, I thought I'd check out the new Trader Joe's that had just opened its first set of doors in NYC. Much to my surprise when I arrived at about 12noon, there was line of like-minded folks who were waiting to enter the store. Now I'm not a wait in line kinda person but I figured what the heck, it was supposed to be a 15 minute wait and they were handing out samples of food to those who hung in there...nothing like free food to keep people happy.

As I was hanging out, I realized that the building that Trader Joe's occupies was formerly the, a flood of blurry memories whizzed by...the Clash, Prince, dancing til dawn... Well, it was a little scary to realize this was 2006 not, this little trip to TJ's really was a trip.

Not to digress, the line of foodies moved pretty quickly as we meandered into the shop -- mind you, I'd never been to a Trader Joe's before, so I have no other location to compare this one to. All that I can say is, it was a very positive experience. Yes, the place was a bit overcrowded but everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I prefer organic food, and the organic produce (I bought mushrooms, broccoli florets, pears, apples, baby spinach) was priced really reasonably. I also tried TJ's own brand of non-fat organic key lime yogurt -- it cost a mere 69 cents for the individual serving, and it tasted great. Picked up a quart of TJ's 100% Cranberry Juice for $3.99, a bargain! I've shopped at Fairway off the West Side Hiway, 125th St (great value also), and have been a regular at Whole Foods (can be pricey)...I'd definitely make TJ's a regular stop...even though it's a small space, and doesn't stock all of my personal faves -- it's worth checking out...East 14th St, by 3rd Ave. Open 9a-10p every day. Their soon to be opened wine shop is located right next door, I hear they offer bottles of wine for $1.99...Here's the link if you want more of the TJ story.


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