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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Alternative Colbert Nation?

For alternative spins on politics, there's nothing better than Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Who hired Stephen Colbert to be a guest speaker at last week's Washington Correspondents' Dinner? And what is this brilliant individual doing today? Anybody have any ideas? Colbert's roast of GW Bush was unbelievable...Link to if you've been on a desert island and missed it. Unfortunately, the Colbert Mug at left is sold out, so don't bother shopping for it on ... Ok, in truth, the whole idea of buying things on Stephen's site is a joke, just another great jab at O'Reilly...


Blogger Blage said...

Have watched the video of this 4 or 5 times. Colbert is my hero.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Galli Galli Sim Sim said...

The shock and awe reflected by the stunned silence of the live audience to the Stephen's searing wit, was true evidence of his brilliance.

9:58 AM  

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