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Monday, November 13, 2006

Fine Organic Vines and Wines

Here are a few flavorful resources for researching that next organic wine purchase. Not only is organic farming better for the land and the toilers of the land, but also better for you. Without the addition of preservatives, (there are natural occurring sulphites in some organic wine) the hangover effect is usually curtailed when one sips wine made from organic grapes.
I've tried Frey (Biodynamic, from California) as well as Frog's Leap and Bonterra Chardonnays...I like the Chardonnay from Bonterra and Frog's. To top it off, our local wine shop in the Catskills stocks Borat says, vedy nii-ice!.../m
Organic Wine Journal
Organic Wine Company, or (for organic wine links).
What's your favorite organic wine? /m


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