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Friday, June 02, 2006

Simple and Cool Shoes

On the market for a year now, the men and women's Green Toe line from Simple shoes are made from earth-friendly jute, hemp, straw, and wool. The footbeds are formed from cork and natural rubber, which sounds so comfy. And when glue and dye are necessary, they're water-based. Simple's factories comply with Amnesty International’s guidelines for Human Rights standards in the workplace. This Rubba Toe sneaker for men ($50.) has a stink-free insole -- great for summertime. And with orders of $75 or more, there's free shipping to boot. Parts of the site are under re-construction, but check out the art direction -- very cool.


Anonymous The Artist said...

Love the look of those shoes, will check out their range. Was looking for shoes yesterday and came home without any. Everything I saw seemed to be made from synthetic materials that felt wrong.

Your link has been corrected and I look forward to staying in touch and learning lots of new things here. Our world needs to change so much and sites like yours help it along the way,

With thanks, The Artist.

6:13 PM  

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