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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tickets, Please

How often are you able to actually buy your tickets to a show or a special event at the box office? Right, like hardly ever. Who lives right around the corner from the Garden, the Great White Way, or wherever? We're usually confronted with the ugly thoughts of paying either through the nose for hard-to-get seats, or outrageous fees & not-so-great seats when booking through a service. It's enough angst to make you say, fugeddaboudit, just not worth it -- emotionally or financially. If you don't opt for (pop & rock concerts), (the play's the thing), (sports, rock concerts, etc)...try You'll uncover links to discount ticket resources for music, dance & theatrical performances in 22 of these United States. Sometimes, it IS worth the trouble & bucks. Recently saw Cherry Jones, Ralph Fiennes and Ian MacDiermond in Faith Healer on B'way, now that's the ticket for some great Irish drama. Happy good-seat Hunting.


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