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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Desktop PC's - Green Machines

Feeling the strains of computer use, I'm realizing just how important Ergonomic Keyboards really are. We've all heard they can help prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and even allow for more accurate and faster typing...but computer strain doesn't necessarily end there.

If you're chemically sensitive, noise sensitive, or feel that electromagnetic radiation from your PC is making you tired, here's a computer solution you may want to consider: -- "Healthy Computing Through Environmental Responsibility -- is
a computer manufacturer and marketer bringing the highest quality and most ergonomic green PC solutions to computer users who care about their health, productivity and the environment."

According to their president, Thomas Schramm, "Notebooks are great for people who need mobile computing, but too many people use them all the time, even when sitting at their desks. The higher heat shortens the lifetime of electronics and battery. The higher noise level and the unergonomic setup can reduce productivity and cause health issues. Using a desktop computer whenever possible and a laptop only when necessary is the best solution."

Be sure to check out their Top 14 Reasons for a Green Computer when you visit their site. Now about my mac.../m


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