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Friday, September 15, 2006

Riding Maine's Green Wave

For every surfboard they build, 10 trees are planted, that's the policy of surfing's dynamic duo Mike LaVecchia and Rich Blundell. These business partners carve waves full-time and wooden boards in their spare time at York Beach, in Maine. Their tiny operation began when they made the hollow wooden surfboards for themselves, and then started making them for others.

If used every day for 10 years, a wooden board can last about 10 years, and bio-degrade in about 20 years. A foam surfboard may last about 3-5 years, and take 150 years to bio-degrade. What's more, they say that it's a really smooth ride, a lot more so than foam boards. cutting edge stuff. Surf's Up! They'll carve your own smooth board, for about $1500, visit for more.


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