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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Healthy Home Work

The idea of creating a non-toxic home can be overwhelming. Where do I begin? How much will it cost? What steps do I take?

"The Healthy Home Workbook" comes from Kimberly Rider, a popular guest star of HGTV's "Curb Appeal." This resource contains tabbed sections for easy reference. And the material is laid out Room by Room, which makes it seem as though this personal quest "to clean up my act" may actually be possible.

She covers useful topics, ranging from -- how to combat noise pollution, identify and replace harmful cleaning products, care for your pets, choose furniture and flooring made with sustainable materials to -- how to remove mold in the bathroom, electromagnetic fields in your home office and de-clutter (my fave)...without breaking the bank.

The photography is clean and elegant, making "The Healthy Home Workbook" a true inspiration and handy reference guide for creating a fresh and healthy home. Kids have their homework, and now I have mine -- one room at a time. /m


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