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Friday, September 08, 2006

Soleri's Arcosanti Dances to a Different Beat

Being a "dance enthusiast," a friend from Phoenix turned me on to an event that's taking place at Arcosanti, a place that seems "other-worldly." You can take a tour, have dinner and then experience a modern dance performance for only $30. Or you can simply attend the performance for $15, $10 if you're a student ... very cool.

Back in the late 1940's Paolo Soleri (pic, left) began designing spaces with a revolutionary approach, "arcology." The website shows what Soleri has envisioned for the new World Trade Center (including slides that allow for people to slide down the outside of the building), and also what he has in mind for a Francis Coppola film production.

Soleri's also developing a project that's based on "the lean alternative" -- a design philosophy that, in a nut-shell, impacts urban sprawl. According to the website, "The current Master Plan, Arcosanti 5000, features layers of super structures soaring over the existing site and provides the facilities to support a population of 5,000."

Cooper-Hewitt's National Design Awards just announced that Paolo Soleri is the recipient of their 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award; the gala will be in NYC on October 18. He'll also be discussing The Lean Alternative on Friday, October 20, 6:30pm at Parsons, for details.

Has anyone been to Arcosanti, about an hour north of Phoenix?
Their website provides a comprehensive overview of a profoundly inspiring and innovative scene. Soleri is a true visionary; so ahead of the curve, he IS the curve.


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