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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blood Diamond Causes Stir & Spin

If you're considering buying that diamond-encrusted tiara for your sweetie this Christmas, buyer beware. Although the diamond trade has been a hot-bed of controversy for years (excellent story here), the release of director Ed Zwick's new film, Blood Diamond, has both DeBeers' and Russell Simmons' pr machines and heads spinning. Receiving more ink, as well, is news of companies who grow their own, synthetic diamonds...such as solaura. And to top it off, also in the spotlight are companies like Brilliant Earth, who've found a higher road in high-end, bauble-making. For most, gone are the days of waltzing into Tiffany's and mindlessly picking up a dazzling carat or's a minefield out there, so dig-in and get up to speed, before forking over the cash for these dazzlers. /m


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