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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Know Watt Clooney Drives?

Of course, The Hot of Cool is eco-friendly, and electro-charged...Name that Car.
You know the one, it's:
a little bigger than a breadbox,
(39 inches wide and 8.5 feet long)
got 2 seats, (passenger sits behind driver)
made of carbon fiber
weighs 3057 pounds
goes from 0 to 60mph in 4 seconds
tops out at 150 mph
battery weighs only 1100 pounds
charge lasts about 80 miles
Made in Britain
Distributed via Spokane, WA
and oh yeah, costs only $85,000
It begins with a T...
And have you seen that cute, smart little hottie at MoMA?...You know, the one with the four wheels...


Blogger RC said...

Clooney...he's just in the news and blog world today! I thought i'd stop on by after writing 2 post w/ clooney in them and what do I find...

I can't escape him.

--RC of

3:39 PM  

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