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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Treehouse Effect

Lifestyle that they can afford their own private planes, islands, trips to the moon...are these trendsetting celebs treehuggers or tree trashers? Does anyone really think that the tree would thank the tree trashers for this or perhaps need rape counselling? Unless used as one's primary residence, I'm afraid that I'm anti "tree house as frivolous accessory." Donna Karan, Sting and Trudie, Julianne Moore are probably looking to get back to nature, but is this the proper expression of such a desire? Let me know what you think.

On the other hand, as an adventure, or to get kids to experience something "wild and wonderful" I can get behind this treehouse concept.

To try it as a Lark, go on a treehouse vacation.
This first site was hit by Cyclone Larry on March 20, 2006
This is not a typo
Try Oregon
Or visit Mt Rianier


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