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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1996: Electric Cars Had the Green Light

We all know that video killed the radio star, but Who Killed the Electric Car? See for yourself, beginning WEDNESDAY 6/28 in NYC and LA, on the silver screen. GM had it in the bag in 1996, but hit a political brick wall and took these beloved babies off our California highways. With Katrina victims crying out for electric wheels, GM would have had the goods to be our Knight in Shining Armor. The moral is: make a difference... Speak Up and Act Out. Let your consumer preferences be known to Those In Power...and vote for representatives who have YOUR best interests in mind.


Anonymous The Artist said...

Why do we have this politics of oil when there are so many alternatives??? While our planet is being destroyed with the pollution from oil burning vehicles, GM is off establishing it's new, largest market in China. When are our leaders going to wake up. Keep up your great articles, best wishes, The Artist.

6:52 PM  

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