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Friday, July 28, 2006

alternative masques

A big shout out to my friend for turning me onto Chakra Masques...they're wonderful. I just indulged in a mini spa treatment of Blue Throat, for "peace and calm", a quick morning shower, followed by a dab of "cell enhancer" moisturizer. I'm feeling glad all over. This party pack of 8 small jars, the "travel tube" contains 1 jar for each of our 7 chakras (amethyst crown - knowledge; indigo third eye - inner strength & positive outlook; blue throat - inner peace & calm; emerald heart - harmony & balance; yellow solar plexus - alleviate exhaustion & burnout; orange sacral - energy & self-confidence; red root - warmth & vitality). The approach is -- "identify your Chakra that is out of balance by letting the colors speak to you. Line the masques up and select the color that most appeals to you. Use this selected masque." If you want to impart some TLC on your energy centers, try this holistic healing approach, it's available at ($30.) and makes a great gift, to you or that other someone special. peace.


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