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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go On, Get Dirty

Should a cleaning product actually encourage you to get dirty? Perhaps not, but the impulse to slop up my kitchen counters has been irresistible ever since I discovered Method products which are made by two seriously earth-conscious guys in San Francisco. Bet you thought that “clean” smells like vinegar or pine or ammonia. Not so, says Method. Using naturally-derived surfactants and fragrances like mint, lavender and grapefruit, Method’s full range of products are “people-friendly,” “skin-friendly” and “lung friendly”.

And after you’re done with the mundane tasks, relax amid cleaner air freshened by freesia blossom or vanilla apple candles. Made from soy wax, these candles produce 90% less soot, so they won’t undo all the cleaning you’ve done. If that isn’t enough to get your vote, their intelligent design and quirky advertising will reel you in in no time. Check out peopleagainstdirty where you’ll find one of the most well-written, informative and convincing FAQ sections available anywhere. /jb


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