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Monday, August 21, 2006

Green from the Ground Up

A trend in architecture and building today is to take a path that has been somewhat less traveled in years gone by -- that is, a green path. There are many advantages to a green approach when building, ie: it's much better for mother Earth -- you can reduce pollution, minimize energy use, water consumption and utilize building materials that are renewable and/or materials that don't emit toxins into your air. The initial investment may prove more costly, but in the loooong run, following a green path to construction can also add up to not only a healthier lifestyle, (the best pay-back) but also more green in your pocket. You can save on heating, cooling, electricity and in the resale value of your structure. Remember, when you set out to realize your dream home/office/whatever, be very aware of exactly how much space you will actually need. Small can be so beautiful! /m


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