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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Double Your Digital Pleasure

Go mad with Gomadic devices for the nomadic part of your life. The Dual Charger lets you divide and conquer. Plugged into your cigarette lighter, Gomadic's TipExchange Technology allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously. You leave the charger intact and rotate the tech as needed by plugging and unplugging the removable tips that are custom-made for almost any hand held device. Now you can multi-use your cell phone, iPod, Bluetooth, video game, GPS-enabled PDA...just pick any 2 to power-on while you kick back and cruise. The dual power is all yours to enjoy.

Also available in a standard wall model to streamline counter space and minimize the messy wires that can pollute any home or work environment, the Dual Charger transmits four times the power of cheaper, single-purpose units. This means powering double the devices in half the time, rendering traditional, device-specific cables virtually obsolete. Quite the energy boost.

Visit for more info and more devices. It's a cool power play. /m


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