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Monday, October 02, 2006

Rock Creek & Chaco Reach New Heights

Long recognized as major contributors to environmental and outdoor causes, Chaco and Rock Creek Outfitters announce today that they will offer custom Chaco Performance Sandals for purchase during the 2006 Triple Crown Bouldering Series in effort to raise funds to help secure access to one of the prime bouldering areas in the Southeast. A portion of the custom sandal proceeds will be donated to the Southeastern Climbers’ Coalition to help gain permanent access to and ownership of Boat Rock, a woodland area inside the metro of Atlanta with more than a half mile of unique egg shaped granite boulders.

For every pair of custom Chacos sold, Rock Creek and Chaco will donate $20 toward the purchase of Boat Rock. The custom Chaco Sandals will be available for purchase through Rock Creek Outfitters’ website,, and displayed at each venue of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series. The three-part series kicks off October 7 at Hound Ears in Boone, NC, moves on to Horse Pens-40 in Steele, AL, and concludes at The Stone Fort in Chattanooga, TN.

About Rock Creek Outfitters:
Rock/Creek Outfitters is a specialty outdoor retailer with over two decades of experience in the Southeast. Along with its online shops, and, Rock/Creek Outfitters provides quality outdoor clothing and gear for a host of activities including kayaking, rock climbing, camping, hiking, trail running, and adventure racing. Rock/Creek is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. For this reason, it uses outdoor retail as a platform to encourage outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship and to improve access to the backcountry.

About Chaco:
While many businesses focus solely on profits, Chaco seeks to follow the three steppingstones to sustainability: profits, people and the planet. They strive to minimize their environmental impact, better the lives of the people with whom they work and maintain healthy profitability so they can keep their initiatives moving forward. To further support their sustainability initiatives, Chaco donates three percent of after-tax profits to organizations dedicated to caring for people and the planet. They currently support the Conservation Alliance, the Sierra Club, American Whitewater, Leave No Trace, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and many others.
Content source: company press release. It's good to see smart companies partnering on green initiatives. /m


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