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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Positively Fourth Street

Curious about Roderick Romero's "deck"/treehouse creation on East 4th Street (between Avenues C & D), I sauntered over there this glorious Sunday afternoon. Camera in hand, I took a few snaps of this work in progress park,
El Jardin del Parais. After seeing photos of his celebrity constructions, this creation (left) was a bit of a let-down. But it's a nice addition to the area nonetheless.

This mid-block park is in its infancy, and needs alot of tlc. Fortunately, there was a small group of community-minded gardeners tilling the land, taking advanatage of the spring weather.

To my delight, I discovered a handful of very small, public parks along this very unassuming Village street. Directly across from the Willow tree deck park is a gem of a spot called Tranquility Park. This (photo right) sweet, little bird house is its treehouse. Call me a traditionalist, but treehouses are for the birds, literally.

On the northwest corner of 4th St and Avenue C is a tiny park with water bubbling into a terra cotta planter, and a stone's throw from here is Generation X Park, which features a tiny teepee in the middle of it. (photo top)

Anyway, just couldn't get Dylan's Poisitively Fourth Street out of my head. This scornful tune was one of his most popular ditties, and dates back to 1967. I guess this was a positively classic NY day.


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