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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Madonna's Garden Party

Wow. There's a girl-woman-chick-mother with a lot of fans. Fannnnn-addicts. Just caught Madonna's opening night in NYC and I must Confess, I'm beat. 2 hours of singing and dancing in a non-air conditioned (at the star's behest) Madison Square Garden on an extremely humid night. But enough about me. This night was all about the Material Girl. She strutted her stuff, aimed to please, and pulled it off pretty well. Half-way through she took a little trip-stumble and fall while she was "playing guitar" - she sort-of looked like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz weakening in his knees and collapsing for a moment, put she just picked herself up and tried to act like "nothing happened." You could see that her entire act is completely pre-programmed...every step is carefully mapped out, so she was probably mortified. About 20 minutes later, she actually mentioned it by saying something like..."man, I'm blowing lyrics, falling down on stage, what's wrong with me" so of course the crowd loved that. To me, the fall was like an "ice-breaker" so she was more relaxed afterward. ANYway, not to dwell on the one slip-up, the bubble gum tunes were fun, the staging cool and the band and back-up dancer-singers were great. Although, uhoh another criticism, her costumes were disappointing. But for my money, the best part of the concert was the crowd -- very up, and so into having a great time. Made me proud to be a native new yawka. I'm still Hung Up on her closing number "time goes by, so slowly, so slowly..." peace out.


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