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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Settling In...Keeping Warm

For those of you in cooler climes who have been raking leaves in shorts, tank tops and sandals, or whatever it is you do to pretend winter isn’t around the corner, I offer the following suggestion: find a cozy comforter or woolen rug to keep you warm this winter. I’ve found just the place to shop as well: Nantucket Island is home to The Weaving Room owned by Swedish native Anna Lynn. In Lynn’s studio, she and her colleagues weave rugs and throws on a 12-foot wide loom using natural linen, wool and cotton. Designs are drawn from Lynn’s memories of living in Sweden and her love of nature. In mountain ranges, Lynn sees the curves for a rug design, in the moors, the rugs themselves. Her vision carries over into “wearables” and tapestries which she weaves after experimenting with watercolors for design ideas. See more of Lynn’s palette at /jb


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