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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Angel Wears Organic

Do we need to care about Fair Trade labor practices and environmentally-friendly manufacturing when making our purchasing decisions? Of course. So in our quest to support those companies that help both people and our planet, here are a couple of SCR (socially conscious retailers) you might like to try.

For casual wear made from organic hemp (a fast-growing, ultra-sustainable fiber), organic pima cotton, and cashmere (from Mongolia with a fair-trade partnership),
Stewart + Brown...This husband-wife team of eco-textile developers are currently researching bamboo and soy for their future fashion mix.
Their current collections and retail locations can be found at
Stewart + Brown

For casual/yoga wear that's made partially from hemp, there's aptly named,

If you'd like to recommend companies (who use bamboo, soy, hemp, alternative fabric constructions and have Fair business practices), drop a line. Don't forget -- if you can't smoke it, you may as well wear it.


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