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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What's on tap?

Most of us probably take our tap water for granted -- never questioning what, besides H-2-O may be in it. I was shopping for a new shower fixture, and uncovered a very useful site. According to Lifekind, "There is growing evidence that chlorinated drinking water causes bladder cancer and rectal cancer. Many chlorinated water supplies probably contain some amount of THM (trihalomethanes), which are carcinogenic compounds."

Not only will I check all my water sources for chlorine, but also cross-reference Lifekind's Chemical Glossary with ingredient lists of some products that are already on my shelves. There may be other hazardous-to-my-health ingredients lurking nearby.

They seem to be a wonderful company. Besides water and air filtration, Lifekind is also the exclusive manufacturer of 100% certified organic mattresses that are made-in-the-USA, and currently ON SALE. And they offer a wide array of personal products and household goods that are manufactured using non-toxic ingredients. For their eco-friendly cleaning products, click HERE. And if you want to reach for the $59 shower de-chlorinator with hand-held massage shower kit, click HERE.


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