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Monday, August 07, 2006

Sustainable Sources

Support companies that talk the talk and walk the walk. Here are a few of my faves that are endeavoring to shrink their ecological footprint: Dagoba Organic Chocolate is the first American manufacturer to produce only organic chocolate and to acquire its cacao through fair-trade co-ops under conditions that preserve the rainforest.

Nature's Path, the organic breakfast food & snack maker contributes regularly to conservationists, recycles un-usable spilled ingredients to local farmers, and powers itself partly from renewable sources. Founder Arran Stephens is working to make his company 100% waste-free by 2010 and climate neutral by 2020. Keep up the good work.

Seeds of Change cultivates and disseminates more than 600 varieties of organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds. This green-thumbed company helps gardeners preserve numerous plant varieties that are in danger of extinction.

To find out who's preserving natural resources, reducing waste, conserving energy and restoring the environment, check Co-Op America's directory of green businesses Don't you think that it's high time for all businesses to alter their practices in order to minimize their impact on our beautiful earth? There may come a time when Uncle Sam actually decides to fine companies for "foul eco-play", now that would be something!


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