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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

May You Rest in Green Peace

We plan our green lives...for a peaceful, satisfying existence. And now we can plan our green deaths. Screeeech. What? Plan my death, I can't even get my head around the idea that....I'm gonna die. I won't live forever? OMG. PANIC. Red Alert.
OK I'm still breathing and thinking, and all I can say at the moment is -- here are some folks with lots of eco-friendly ideas about how to have a final green resting place.

Some of these names just kill me.
Forest of Memories
Green Endings
Glendale Nature Preserve
Green Burial Council

Most Ramsey Creek burials, which involve non-embalmed bodies in biodegradable cardboard or wooden caskets, cost around $2,500, with 25% of the cost going to maintaining the natural habitat.

I guess the upside is...we may not have had a say in how we were born into this world, but we can have a say in our final farewell.


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