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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Next Generation Cookie

My galpal, mother of 2 toddlers, is one smart cookie. She mentioned how her rugrats don't know from Oreos...they only know from Newman-O's...this gave me pause... as I have to confess, one of my favorite indulgences as a kid was running home from school and having Oreos and milk...not a handful, but an entire bag of Oreos. I know, you're probably thinking I was overweight and lonely but that wasn't the case. When you're one of six kids, you're never lonely, and you're never sure of seeing another whole bag of cookies just sitting at the kitchen table waiting to be devoured....which also makes me realize why I ran home, as opposed to sauntered...had to get their before the other five siblings.

Since I'm still a bit of a cookie monster, I had to try these alternative Oreos. I scooped up Newman's chocolate creme filled chocolate cookies and I'm happy to say, I think that they're quite good. Don't forget the non-fat, organic milk.

My next bag will be either the Mint or Ginger-O's, as I love both of those flavors...check the packages for full details, but the chocolate numbers are made with organic flour, organic sugar, organic cocoa, organic unsweetened chocolate...and do not contain trans-fatty acids or hydrogenated oil. For the sticklers -- it does contain organic palm fruit oil -- which is 50% saturated, while palm kernel oil is 86%, and Coconut Oil is 92% saturated. For ingredient details click.

Knowing that Paul Newman donates all of the royalty he receives (after taxes) to educational and charitable purposes -- makes my cookie-dunking feel somehow more justifiable.


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